Thursday, April 7, 2011

WOW- It's been a LONG TIME!!!

Time sure has FLOWN by over the last two years! I can't believe our last post was right after Peyton was born! Our sweet girl is just about to turn TWO and is just as amazing as ever!! Check Spelling WOW- where to start- so much has happened in the last two years that we are so very thankful for .....and I'm still having trouble believing it's been that long- So... rather than go backwards, let's move forward.... Peyton is absolutely hysterical- she's full of laughter and joy and loves playing outside and at the park!! We are very blessed and give thanks every day for such a healthy and precious baby girl!! We've been getting ready for her birthday Carnival in May and have so many fun ideas for her party!!! This week she's been singing "Happy Birthday to You..." with her finger shaking in the air- is absolutely precious! Brady's birthday is on Monday, so I'm really hoping to record it for him...he will just love it! In other news, our house is up on the market!!!! Brady spent the last year working a 2 week rotation in Shreveport (YES, it is amazing that he is done with his field assignment!) and we have been planning on putting it up for sale as soon as he was finished- after a few months of de-cluttering our house and touching up paint, we're finally ready to sell! Oh the memories that we've shared in our townhouse- our first baby, her first steps, and all the celebrations- it's going to be sad once we move, but we know there are so many more to be made in our new home...which, by the way, we have no idea where that will be!! The three of us took a stroll to the field near our house for some traditional bluebonnet photos- Peyton was hilarious- I would set her down and have to run backwards and quickly take the shots- she, of course, would jump up and start running towards me- it was cute, but luckily the second time Brady came with us and he was able to stand next to her while mommy snapped away! They came out GREAT and I couldn't be happier! LOVE LOVE LOVE the new camera!!! Photos will go up soon- we're mailing them out to our family, so we'd like to wait until they enjoy opening it themselves. Wish us luck on the sell of our house!

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